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Flatulence, or intestine gas expelled throughout the rectum, is among the oldest human complaints. Gas 15 to 20 times per dayan sum is passed by the adult. Those who've trouble digesting foods, like people who have lactose intolerance or disease, are flatulence sufferers.

Stress and frequent swallowing's habit may also cause gas. Carbonation in soft drinks along with other beverages is also a trigger. What If You Do Nothing? There is no reason to do anything unless of course, the flatulence is excessive. It can be reduced with changes in diet Should it become excessive. Home Remedies for Flatulence - Even though it's usually not a serious symptom, flatulence may cause embarrassment and discomfort. Heres how to reduce intestine gas production. Be conscious of foods that cause flatulence. The effects are caused by foods with the carbohydrates. These include fish, meat, grapes, berry, nuts, and eggs.

Foods which produce intestine gas and are highest in carbohydrates include soybeans, pink beans, cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. Make sure soft stools and eating food is to prevent constipation. Be prudent, because introducing too many fibers at once might rapidly lead to increased flatulence. Eat a moderate amount of fiber-rich foods at first, progressively increasing your intake over an amount of time. Soaking uncooked legumes four to five hours or overnight will remove some of the water-soluble carbs that cause gas.